Dark Sky Weather App Reviews

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Good app, but kills the battery and no Apple Watch Complication

I really like this weather app, but it is detrimental to my battery. And another major flaw is that it offers no Apple Watch complication. I would like to glance at the weather on my wrist without pulling out my phone. You have an Apple Watch app, which looks good, but you offer no complication for it.

Doesnt follow you

The app is great. Best weather app. Needs one MAJOR update. The app keeps reporting the last location that was open. It doesnt follow you even if background refresh is on.

I depend on this app

I work in Wildland fire and spend A LOT of time outdoors as a consequence I need to know not just if its going to get windy or dry today but when thats going to happen. Although the forecast can change it does give me a potential trend and more often than not, nails it.


Awesome only thing i can say, i was looking for an app that actually told me when it would rain. Ik its not always gurranteed but its closer than any other app. I can dress accordingly.

Add more places

Why I cant add more Cities to this app?

Dark sky

Best weather app you buy!

The Weather

Doesnt work at all with Apple Watch. On the phone, the app work well.

Great app, but missing one thing.

I love this app, but hate that it only has 7 day forecasts. Every other weather app that Ive downloaded provides 10 day forecasts. Aside from that, the app is great!

Was raining where I stood -- nearest precip 202 miles??

Bought this on the advice of one of the Apple "Geniuses" who lived in my area. He said this is his favorite app because it alerted him to rain where he stood in an hour. I was there upgrading to the latest iOS software. Twice today it started raining and the app said my nearest precipitation was first 182 mi SW then 202 miles! The address location was accurate. Wish I could get my money back.

Numerous bugs

I really liked the app but the resent bugs with the widget and the slow watch app make it worthless. It is currently so bad I went back to apples weather app since it is at least capable of quickly showing me a readable temperature

Best $4 Ive ever spent on an app

This app is unbelievably accurate. I rely on it time and time again. It tells you (to the minute) when a storm will hit and how heavy the rain will be. This was super useful when we were at an outdoor flea market. We got a 1 minute warning, found a covered area and knew that it would be over within 8 minutes. The iWatch integration is also pretty good. Its nice to get the weather warnings on my wrist.

Disappointed after buying app

I have used the forecast.io application for years. Loved it, love the accuracy and the detail! Decided to upgrade to the Dark Sky app once it was introduced. It worked for a week or two, but now has almost constantly been unable to provide a forecast or weather updates. Very disappointed, wasted my money.

Dark Sky

Super accurate! Love both the iPhone and Apple Watch apps. I dont use any other weather resource.

Rarely accurate

I tried to like it, but it was consistently inaccurate. It often called for snow when none was forecast by other apps, weather sites, or the local news. It called for 2-5" today and its supposed to rain and stay above freezing. I wanted to love it as much as everyone else, but it has been a total letdown for me.

Quit the app business

Useless in the winter. App doesnt know the difference between sleet and snow.

These couple weeks terrible

Now outside is rain but it says Heavy snow.... and just totally wrong forecasts. It is ice storm but acting like a An app says snow is coming.

Best Weather App Ever

I need to make sure I know the local weather wherever I am, and all the other apps are so annoying to use. Dark Sky is intuitive, informative and not cluttered with ads and promotions which I highly appreciate. It syncs quickly no matter where I am. The only missing feature is storing my favorite locations. I hope that comes along soon.

Works pretty much as intended

What I said above.

Nothing else comes close

Simply the best app for telling you whats going to happen in the next five minutes or the next five days. It can accurately tell me within just a couple of minutes when its going to start raining at my house. During the recent storms in California, I knew when to prepare for the winds and the heavy rains. No other weather app could do that. I use it several times every day and love it.

Elegant App

This is an elegant app. Beautifully designed, simple, wonderful use of graphics to convey clear and concise information. Beautifully done. Beautifully implemented. Useful. Not kidding. A pleasure to use.

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