Dark Sky Weather App Reviews

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Best Known Weather App

I Love It

Seems pretty legit

The accuracy on precipitation predictions and stopping has helped a lot. Great for knowing if i should walk my dog if rain eminent.


Aint as accurate as it could be. When Im reporting weather for my are it needs to include freezing rain as an option to pick from. Maybe custom icons and widgets. Otherwise its a good app that I enjoy using.

Best weather app, beautiful interface

The only weather app to use as far as Im concerned, people always inquire about it when they see it for the first time. Fully compatible with the iPhone Plus sized screen resolution. The interface is simple and gorgeous, with a very Apple inspired style. The app provides a 7 day & hourly forecast in addition to accurate to the minute precipitation forecasting for the next 60 minutes. Loads extremely quickly, couldnt more highly recommend it. Worth the small price, updated regularly, and can easily become your only weather app. Update: Still absolutely love it, but Ive noticed snow accumulation forecasts tend to be a little less accurate, often on the high side. Would appreciate improved accuracy.

Super accurate

This app is super accurate and also provides alert notifications which are really helpful. I have never seen a weather app predicting when it will stop raining - wow

Nice app!

Very useful and cool!

Great App. Highly recommend

Stop reading reviews and just buy it already.

Great app

I have used a number of different weather apps and this one has by far the best interface. Well with a few dollars.

Good .... but

1. App does not allow for self reporting of high winds locally. Could not care about drizzle. 2. Allows for opt in/out of Google Analytics. No explanation of what data would be collected, the reasons and intended use, under what circumstances would my data be acquired (anonymized or not) and for how long my data would be kept?

The Holy Grail of Weather Apps?

Insanely accurate. Jaw-droppingly beautiful. Not inexpensive; but, then again, we’re okay with spending our money when it’s worth it—we have iPhones! Make space for it on your home screen. To be fair, predicting the weather is an imperfect art—and no weather app is perfect for everyone. But if you’re looking for a simple, elegant presentation of accurate weather info so you can plan your day (and the next several days), this app is pretty much unbeatable.

Must have

Short range or long - this is the weather app to have!

Hit & Miss...

We live in the country so there isnt much local input. Gives more of a generalized forecast. So I mostly use My Radar Pro.

Didnt report my area was in a winter storm warning and NO RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT.

Its pretty bad when a weather app doesnt report that you are under a winter storm warning. But hey, at least it reported that I could look at a winter storm in a completely different state! Since I see that Dark Sky seems to update regularly, I thought they would want to be made aware of this problem. After sending an email, I have received NO RESPONSE. Its now over a week after the storm and I have heard nothing. I have but one question. HOW GOOD IS A WEATHER APP THAT DOES NOT REPORT WHEN SEVERE WEATHER IS COMING NOR ACKNOWLEDGE A CONCERN WHEN A CUSTOMER(s) HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE APP? Im glad I know when rain is coming. BUT PLEASE FIX THE SEVERE WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS!

This is The Best Weather App

Thats all there really is to say. It has one job and it does it spectacularly well!


The best weather app, without question. Every time someone new sees it, they enquire and instantly download. Its probably my most opened app (being a cyclist) and the alerts are superb and accurate!

Accurate, different, fast, fun.

This is my go to weather app. It presents the next 36 hours in a much different but easy to interpret way. Love it!

Almost no complaints

I was using weather underground app before this. I gotta be honest and say for this being a pay app its not that impressive. Nothing bad about it or anything. And the 1 thing Id say to improve it, I liked how weather underground showed the previous days. And they just have a simple "today will be cooler than yesterday" or "it will be much warmer than yesterday". Easy thing for you to add Im sure. So why wouldnt you?

Good up until winter came

This app was great and worked very accurately from the time I purchased it up until winter started. The precipitation graph often shows its snowing heavily when there isnt a single flake

Best Weather App

Amazingly accurate!! I suggest to all my friends.


Great app.

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